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Portfolio Secrets
Portfolio Secrets
How To Create an Effective Portfolio

Portfolio Secrets Manual

All the printed material being presented: Learn how to create and manage an effective portfolio of Trading Systems.
You'll be able to take notes and read the material at your own pace.
(Value: €497)
Portfolio Secrets Manual

Bonus: Video Lectures

A series of Pre-Recorded Video Lectures you’ll always have access to that you can follow them at your own pace, on how to create an effective portfolio of Trading Systems.
(Value: €200)
Portfolio Secrets Video Lectures

Bonus: Unger Academy Forum

Free access for 12 months to the exclusive Unger Academy Community where students find support and develop strategies 
(Value: €600)
Portfolio Secrets Forum
TOTAL VALUE: € 1,297
Offer Price: €997
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Riccardo Parise
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This is a tremendous value. I don't know what you trade and what your profits are, but I think you'd agree that you won't need to make too many good trades to turn a profit on this investment ...and that this material can certainly teach you how to make a LOT of good trades!

But don't take my word for it. You've got absolutely nothing to worry about because you're protected by my ZERO-risk guarantee.
14 Day Refund Policy
UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: Take the material and squeeze every drop of juice you can get out of it. If, within the first 14 days, you're not totally thrilled - let me know. 
I'll immediately refund your full tuition, no questions asked.
Portfolio Secrets
  • Introduction (what you can expect)
  • The Path of the Systematic Trader (let's summarize the previous steps)
  • Diversification as Key (examples on how a single system or a single market can have difficult moments)
  • Tools to use (Excel, MultiCharts, others)
  • What to Analyze
  • Characteristics of Trading Systems to use in a Portfolio
  • How to Mix Different Types of Systems and Different Time Frames
  • Correlation: do we need it? how do we measure it?
  • System's or Portfolio's Position Sizing?
  • Percent f linked to systems' volatility
  • Position Sizing by Market
  • An Advanced System: TITAN – in this section it is shown how Titan (your personal portfolio manager) works.
    Titan is NOT included in Portfolio Secrets but can be purchased separately).
Discover the main features of Titan in this video:
Frequently Asked Questions

I am only a beginner in trading and don't have a lot of money. Is this material suitable for all traders?

The material is the arrival point for systematic traders. If you want to learn first how to build effective automated trading systems, you should have a look at our flag product: Trading Systems Supremacy.

If you're just starting with systematic trading, you should begin with our manual: "Master the Code & Go LIVE". 

Portfolio Secrets is for traders who are about to trade at least 4 trading systems, and want to learn how to have them work together effectively.


Will I receive some Trading Systems ready to be used?

As every product available at Unger Academy, this material offers examples with many different strategies but the aim is not to give expert advisors, but to incentivize research and personal growth indispensable to become masters on one's trading. That said, many strategies are already available in our students' forum.

Is the material useful for a Discretionary Trader?

I don't believe it's suited for pure discretionary traders, because they wouldn't have all the necessary numeric information to evaluate synergies correctly.

How will the material be delivered? 

The delivery of the material will be through a manual and pre-recorded video classes. It will be interactive: you'll be part of a private community to interact with me and the other students. 

When do the complimentary video lessons start and finish? 

They start now and are completely self-paced - you can decide when you start and when you finish. 

How long do I have access to the material? 

You'll have unlimited access to the material for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. 

Which Software Platforms will I need to follow the material? What if I don't know how to code? 

You won't need any Trading Platform, although some examples will be given with MultiCharts or TradeStation.

If you read this far, it means you understood the need to diversify your investments in the correct way.

I promise I'll teach you every fundamental step to learn how to build and manage your portfolio of Trading Systems.

The real value of this material is € 1,297.

You can click the button below to get access for just €997.

Thank you for reading this page and I wish you all the best.
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